Useful Tips For Having A Successful Catered Corporate Meeting

Corporate meetings is a great opportunity for business owners, managers, other decision makers, and employees to get together to plan, iron out some wrinkles in the company, and get out in the open any issues or concerns the attendees may have. A corporate meeting can last for hours and even extend into the night since a lot of planning and sharing of issues have to take place that need to be completed and resolved before this gathering ends. During our corporate meeting ceo told us “learning how to create concept boards will transform your pitching experience.” He is referring to our storyboard project.

Because corporate meetings have that fast-paced, busy vibe or ambience, those who attend usually would not have enough time to go out for their meals. Lunch, and sometimes, even breakfast and dinner, will have to take place within the room where the meeting is taking place.

Investing in catering services is definitely a recommended course of action if you are in charge of planning for and overseeing a corporate meeting. Below are some tips you can follow to ensure that the catering services you will invest in will contribute to the success of a corporate meeting:

Determine the type of corporate meeting that is need of catering services.

Is this corporate meeting a meeting among the company owner, managers, and other high-ranking position holders? Or is it a meeting between a department manager and his or her employees? Or is the meeting a brainstorming session among managers and employees? If it is a casual meeting with just a few people, you can order boxed food or meals from a catering company when it’s time for the attendees to eat. You can also consider ordering hot and cold platters from a catering company as well and arrange this in the meeting room during snack or meal times. If the meeting will be attended by a lot of people and it is quite formal, the best option would be to get a catering company to supply an array of specially prepared and presented snacks or a sophisticated lunch or dinner platter. You won’t even have to worry about not having enough plates and utensils and serving food to a lot of people since the caterer will have and handle all of these.

Consider your budget for the catering service.

In general, the more people who will be attend the meeting, the higher your budget will be for the caterer. But to make sure you will get the most out of your budget for the catering service, consult a caterer to estimate costs for the type of food you want and the number of people attending the meeting. If you want canapés with intricate garnishing and presentation to be served, you’ll have to spend more than if you were to serve finger sandwiches and fried foods.

As much as possible, select easy-to-eat-foods.

Lastly, if the meeting won’t take too long and the attendees will only require snacks, order canapés or platters. Make it easy for everyone in the meeting to eat these snacks. Choose food items that are easy to eat with a single fork or spoon or even without cutlery, if possible.

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