Reasons Why Courier Services Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

When it comes to courier services in Darwin, very few customers actually have an in-depth knowledge about them. It comes as no surprise that urbanisation and modernisation has led to the different types of delivery services to come into being. Fast paced life coupled with increase in varied demands, have led to the transformation of shipment type, size and speed of delivery. So, here is a know-how of everything that you should have known about courier services all this long. If your packages consist of crates that is where you choose 3pl logistics.

  • Express delivery: One of the fastest and reliable option out there! You can opt for this facility to receive your packages within 24 to 48 hours across the globe.
  • Same-day delivery: This only works if the shipment is within a country or a specific region. As the name implies, such delivery service operates at a lightning pace where the estimated time of delivery is within 12 hours.
  • Standard delivery: The most economical and widely-used courier service in Darwin, it transports small, medium and large shipments that comes with a designated delivery time. It can range between 3-4 days or weeks perhaps depending on the nature of shipment.
  • Freight service: It can be van delivery, LTL or FTL. This type of delivery service is not operated on an individual level but, rather as a bulk where freight shipments are booked. Now, based on the type, volume and destination of delivery – the courier company might have to employ a FTL or LTL or allocate a dedicated van for that purpose.

Can you set a time-frame while ordering for standard delivery service?

Usually, the time is set based upon a negotiation between the parties and the logistics company. The thumb rule is narrower the time, more is the expense and vice versa. Now, coming to the type of shipments you can opt for – know that not every package can be transported via standard service. Depending on the dimensions of the package, weight, and the nature of package – a courier service in Darwin can accept or refuse to collect them.

Can you transport anything and everything?

No, certainly not! You have to abide by the strict regulations of the courier company policies. For instance, transportation of bio-hazardous, poisonous or any substance that might be infectious is strictly prohibited.

What is the cheapest option out there?

Usually, bulk order reduces the price in overall. But, the economical option depends loosely on a variety of options like – weight of shipment, type of packaging, specific time frame, pallet delivery service or, not among others!

Do courier companies help in packing?

Some of the best courier services in Darwin assist their customers in packing but, that comes with an extra charge. It is best to contact your preferred company well in advance regarding any such special arrangements. Although, it is not a mandate in case of reliable companies. However, it removes any chance of improper packing in the future. This can cause damage to the contents inside. This brings out the obvious question…

Are your shipments insured?

As in case of reputed couriers, there is a basic insurance in place that financially covers any damages caused from their end. Also, keep in mind that you do not need to pay extra to benefit from this coverage.

What is the best time to book a shipping service?

There is no as such time-frame. But, it is recommended to take your time and plan in advance. Try to avoid last minute hurry in placing a booking as this causes unnecessary complications.

With this information on courier services in Darwin, hope all your queries have been answered aptly! Learn to select the best freight service so that you won’t spend enough money.