What Are the Different Types of Ankle Boots for Women?

UGG boots for men Butte boot is cold-weather rated to -32˚C (or -25.6˚F) and features waterproof bootie construction, warming insulation, and innovative Vibram. Shoes are a very distinct and essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. Women consider it quite important to have a closet full of various types of shoes. Among shoes, one of the most stunning ones that women can adorn their feet with is boots. Women start bringing out their boots as soon as winter arrives, and they flaunt them with various types of outfits. Ankle boots for women have recently become a favorite choice and have quickly made their way into the closet or wardrobe of many women. Apart from keeping their precious feet warm, the good thing is that there are different types available that women can wear with a variety of outfits.

Types of Ankle Boots

Originally, this type of footwear was designed to be worn just under trousers. However, after the 80’s, when runway models began sporting them with dresses and skirts, women everywhere started wearing them with all sorts of outfits apart from the classic trousers. They ones available today can be divided into different types based on the activity they are designed for, the material they are made of, and their style.

By Activity

Combat Boots

One of the most common types of lace up ankle boots are typically worn by soldiers during combat training or combat is the combat boots. Originally, these boots were designed to be worn in a rugged environment. This is why these boots provide a blend of foot protection and clench ankle stability. As designers started designing specific combat boots for women, they have taken up a fashionable and trendy form ever since then. These boots are also preferred by women because of the comfort and durability they provide.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are one of the most typical types of ankle boots for women. These boots are actually high and tight-fitting. These boots have a plain toe just like that of the Jodhpur boot. In the early 60’s, these boots were considered quite fashionable and were highly popular. Chelsea boots are ideal winter boots, and women especially prefer to wear them when the weather is cold, to keep their feet warm while looking stylish at the same time. A snug fit is ensured by these boots, and they are easy to wear.

By Material

Leather Ankle Boots

Leather is the most typical material most boots are made, and when it comes to this type of footwear, most types are made of Gore-Tex leather. This type of leather makes them water and weather proof. The leather also makes them highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Suede Ankle Boots

Suede is the second most common and popular material choice when it comes to this type of women’s footwear. They made of suede are ideal for women who want to add a finishing touch to their outfit. The soft nature of the material makes these boots highly popular.

By Style

Pointy Ankle Boots

These are the perfect example of charming, elegant style. In the world of fashion, a distinguished statement is induced by these boots because of their pointed toe and stacked heel. They look particularly eye-catching and stylish when they are high polished and slightly tapered.

Wedge Ankle Boots

Wedge ankle boots are ankle high boots, which have a wedge-shaped sole that serves both as a heel and sole. The body weight of women is equally distributed on their feet when wearing these boots, and for a feminine look, it gives them an increased height. Women in the world of fashion are often seen sporting them.

Stiletto Ankle Boots

Stiletto ankle boots are a modern trend of today that allow women to enhance their appearance and increases their height. It is hard not to take notice of a woman sporting these stunning and stylish footwear, which have high; stiletto heels. Along with making women appear extremely attractive; they also boost a woman’s delicacy, power, status and supremacy.

Platform Ankle Boots

Platform ankle boots have high heels with wide, bulky soles. Women in the world of fashion typically wear these shoes to add height and these boots also highlight their femininity as well. For a fashionable look, these boots can be paired with miniskirts and shorts.

Unlike typical or long boots, they are not big and bulky. They are easy to wear, and women are able to sport them quite confidently with the assurance that they will look absolutely stunning. Above all, there are so many types of ankle boots for women they can choose from.

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