Orange Peel: The “Common-Cold” of DIY Auto Painting

Paint protection Adelaide can give you instant relief for protecting your vehicle. We all hope for that glossy, reflective shine cars have when they exit the sales floor; however, sometimes this is not immediately the case after a fresh coat. For those of us with a passion for awesome paint jobs, this Orange peel is not an “epic fail” as one might instantly think. It is most often caused by incorrect spray gun setup or the ultra-quick evaporation of paint thinner. It can also happen when excessive paint is used or the painter sprays at an incorrect angle. 

This unsightly condition can be easily remedied, as most DIY auto detailers will tell you, and is one of the easier fixes involving new paint jobs.  After all, what motorist wants to drive down the street in a car that looks like a spoiling piece of fruit? A good wet sanding and subsequent polishing can cure your new paint job of its bumpy, raised appearance. 

This simple fix is most often done to clear coats instead of the actual color coat and most often requires multiple reapplications of clear.  Before attempting this fix, it would be wise to read up and to have a complete understanding of the wet sanding process. There are numerous online resources and FAQ’s that describe the process in depth.

While this process may be time consuming, the effort pays off.  To see that first glint of sunlight on a new paint job, free of orange-peel, can only be described as “breathtaking”.  Most professionals will tell you to inspect your new paint job for this imperfection before removing the masking. Doing this will save you hours and free up time to fix any other imperfections you find in your new paint job.

With a little determination and the right knowledge, your paint job will be smooth and sleek. The shimmering finish that shines off your ride will make you the envy of everyone on your street.