Important FAQs You Need to Know About Waste Disposal Services

Are you looking for a waste disposal Sydney company to hire a skip to get rid of the accumulated debris or garbage in your home? If you reside in Watford, there are plenty of waste disposal services available in the market. However, not everyone of them can provide beneficial services within your budget. Moreover, most of the time people end up paying extra because of their lack of knowledge on hiring a skip from a waste disposal company. To help you save your money and cut down on your time, here are some useful FAQs that will help you get rid of the wastes:

Do I need to take permission from higher authorities to get a skip?

Yes, if you don’t have enough space in your home and you need to keep it on a road, then you need permit for that. If you do not want to get into such hassles, you can easily go for the “wait and load” service. In this service the company  will send the skip to your home, once you fill it, the driver will take it away. This process does not require a permit.

What are the things I can put in my skip?

Not every waste disposal companies carry all types of wastes. Generally, companies that are reputed and efficient carry a lot of things that other services do not. When you are going to book a skip let them know what are the things you are going to load in it so they can prepare all the legal documents accordingly.

How long can I keep the skip to myself?

You are allowed to keep a skip for around 10 to 15 days maximum. However, if you are done with it before that you can return it to the company.

When are you going to pick up the skip from my home?

Just inform them with 24 hours notice and they will come to your doorstep to collect it. This is why people prefer seeking the help of reputed waste disposal services.

What will you do with the things I am going to load in the skip?

Most of the waste disposal companies have their own licensed waste transfer station where they recycle all the wastes. This is important to minimise the total amount of wastes that are going to be used as landfill.

So, now you know some essential aspects regarding waste disposal. Watford is one of those places where you will get to see a lot of waste removal companies but if you want to hire the best, then you must check out the efficiency of the company before using their services.