Catering Mistakes that Can Dampen Your Corporate Party

Surprisingly few businesses take the opportunity to hold a fun day because some did not realize how important corporate family days event. Corporate catering is often required for business lunches and for other formal occasions in your company as well. These are events where you simply cannot go wrong with anything. Food is something that everybody likes to enjoy in a gathering; hence, focusing on it is a must. You may get in touch with Edmonton catering services to have good food for your party.

Following are some mistakes that must be avoided to keep your party from turning sour.

  • Ordering high allergen menu
    You may be wondering as to why you should be concerned; it is the diner’s responsibility to watch what he or she is eating. But, it is your obligation to see that there is no cross contamination of food, which can be a hassle. Hence, it is better if you avoid dishes that has high allergen food as its ingredients. Small event hosts can ask people if they are allergic to any eatable, but that is not possible in case of big event hosts. Edmonton catering companies, are however, very good at managing the food at a party.
  • Standing room only
    It is inconvenient to balance your plate in your palm when you have important notes and documents to hold. It becomes even more difficult when messy foods like meatballs, spaghetti, or a food item that has sauce is in the menu. Hence, make sure that you have a proper sitting arrangement that can comfortably accommodate all the guests while they are having their meal.
  • Too many options
    While having too few options can make a bad impression, having too many may look unprofessional. Try to have one or two dishes of chicken, fish, beef and vegetarian dish. Having too many options only makes people wait in the queue forever, taking away the serious component away from the business meet.
  • Adding alcohol
    Discussing strategic business plans after having a few glasses of alcohol is obviously not a good idea. Alcohol is actually suitable for informal occasions. If you still want to serve alcohol, arrange for it in the after-party when all the business presentations are completely over.
  • Having poor quality eatables
    Nasty food is the last thing that you need to serve your guests. Obviously no one likes to have bad food or that which feels like just out of the microwave. However, that does not mean that you need to contact the most expensive catering service, getting is touch with any quality Edmonton Catering, can be equally helpful. Budget should be taken care of, but quality is something that should not be compromised with. Bad food can create a very bad impression, which may finally harm your business deal as well!

The factors mentioned above are extremely important and taken care of by Edmonton catering companies. Make sure you keep in mind that besides business, people are there to have chats and discussions over foods and drinks. So, if the food is not up to the mark the whole mood of the party can go down, making your party a flop.