Car Stickers or Car Wraps: Which One Is the Better Choice?

When using a vehicle as a way to advertise your business or express your personality, you have two main options. These are car stickers and car wraps but which one should you choose? To answer this question, you’ll need to know as much as you can about both types of stickers so you can understand the advantages and disadvantages of both. Car stickers Sydney is even more popular platform of strategy for advertisement.

Having this information is the best way to determine which one will suit you the best based on your individual needs. Below is a basic description of both car stickers and wraps to help you understand the difference between the two.

· Car Stickers- Car stickers are designed as a way to help you personalize your vehicle with unique designs, logos, flames, pin stripes and so forth. They range in a variety of sizes from small to large and can be placed anywhere on the vehicle that has a smooth area from the windshield to the bumper. These can be installed by a professional or you can install them yourself simply by following a few simple instructions.

· Car Wraps- Car wraps are designed to go around your vehicle covering a large portion of it. Car warps are used by individuals who want to display large scenic pictures or a variety of different designs. They’re an excellent choice when you want to advertize your business because you can cover the whole vehicle with vital information needed to reach new clients. The great thing about these wraps is that they display your design or information in a colorful and interesting way that grabs the attention of everyone who encounters them. Since they do completely cover your vehicle, having them installed by a professional is recommended.

Both the car stickers and wraps can be used on any type of vehicle such as trucks, vans, SUV’s and motorcycles. They’re stylish, modern and one of the best ways to dress up your vehicle making it unique or to advertise your company.


Now that you know a little about both car stickers and car wraps, you can make a wise informed decision and determine which one would be the best for your needs. A lot will depend on what type of advertisement you want, what kind of information you need to display and the size of your budget. All of these things will make a difference and help you decide which one to choose, car stickers or car wraps. Go to our website to see the products we did for signage.

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