100 Trillion Garbage Cans – The Crucial Need for Smokers to Detox

The green waste disposal can be drop-off far away from seas and our oceans. Our body is miraculously home to trillions of cells-there are around 200 different types which comprise bacterial cells, blood and lymph cells; and solid tissue cells (cells grouped together in a matrix). Cells can be like miniature biochemical factories – but just like any factory, the end-product depends on the state of the equipment, the quality of the materials it receives, and its cleansing and waste disposal system.

Our genetic coding is in the cell’s nucleus (it is thought there may be close to 30,000 genes packed into thread-type structures named chromosomes). The cell houses minuscule organs (organelles), and is the stockroom of many nutrients including water, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat and enzymes. The cell can act as a generator, constantly producing and receiving electrical and chemical signals. Each cell must have a constant internal environment and equilibrium in order to run the body at full thrust. As each second ticks away, millions of our cells die and new ones are created.

The most widespread agents responsible for DNA damage are chemical toxins and ionising radiation. Cells and their environment should be respected, kept clean and free of the fallout from foreign chemicals, pollution, free radical damage, parasites, cigarettes, alcohol, junk foods, processed foods, gunge and garbage, trillions of times over. They should be vibrant and active in optimum surroundings, ready to defend and support the body.-They determine the person and the quality and length of life, and are the entity in which all forms of disease such as cancer can set in. Yet many people treat them like garbage cans, filling them and their environment with rubbish that never gets emptied or cleaned – so much so that the cells can actually mutate. – And if the cell’s mechanisms are unable to fix the damage, when the cell comes to divide, the mutations are passed on – then life is abruptly over, long before it should be.

Food today is impoverished and denatured, rendering the body’s cells (which can act as minute building blocks), chronically undernourished and hence more susceptible to disease and aging. If the cells do not receive the essential spectrum of nutrients and/or are flooded with synthetic or toxic chemicals, such as those from cigarettes, they become deviant and their structure and functions change, sometimes to a point where chronic illness becomes the norm. Excess cadmium, for example, is linked with tension, tissue degeneration, muscular-skeletal pain and tiredness, (cadmium is one of the constituents of tobacco). These toxic elements can also disrupt biological processes, negate enzyme function, weaken cell membranes, and limit the nutrients the body is able to absorb.

Each and every day in this industrialised un-ecological world, most of us are victims of exposure to thousands of toxic chemicals: smoking, exhaust fumes, processed foods, hydrogenated fats, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, preservatives, artificial hormones, food additives, and chemicals from tap water and household products, etc. Dangerous toxins readily enter our bodies by air, ingestion or skin contact, finding their way into our bloodstream and poisoning it.-This overtaxes both the liver and gallbladder, and systematically infiltrates other organs and tissues. In fact, there can be hundreds of toxic chemicals which we have consumed or produced, embedded deep within the body’s fatty layers. Unfortunately, many of these toxins cannot be sufficiently broken down to allow the body to expel them. Over time they mount up, denature and transform the whole cell structure. The body then produces complex molecular chains out of these toxic chemicals and stores them in various regions of the body, such as in the joints. They may also be stored in the form of cysts or tumours.

In many cases, due to the chemical overload, smokers have compromised their body’s ability to detox. If years of junk/processed food, and/or regular bouts of alcohol and/or poor eliminatory functions are added to the smoking record, along with the abounding free radical affliction, the scenario is even more devastating. When the cells are packed with toxins and waste, normal oxygenation is prevented from taking place. – This has a drastic effect on both cell and organ ability. For example, when the liver is bursting with toxins it becomes exhausted, and when the lymphatic system is unable to maintain its cleansing ability, adverse chronic conditions and ill health step forward. (Note: free radicals are the result of highly reactive atoms (or a single atom), which in excess, can inflict serious damage to our cells and bring on advanced aging, tissue damage, clogged arteries, and disease. Free radical destruction to our DNA can be catastrophic. Various factors such as smoking, pollution, and toxins from food add to their production).

Different regions of the body have particular forms of tissue which have varying levels of potential repair capability. When toxins are eliminated the cells can begin to operate in a dynamic biological state and absorb more nutrients. (Every tissue in the body receives its nutrients from the blood stream). Most smokers do not realise they have toxic bodies and do not give themselves the regular attention they need. – Just think of the way you treat your car-regular tune-ups, oil changes and maintenance. If you did not do that the car would become uneconomical and end up on the trash heap! Now consider your house-spring cleaning, shampooing the carpets, autumn clear-outs, weekly vacuuming, dusting and cleansing. If you can find a good natural cellular detox program (that suits you and meets with your medical physician’s approval), and apply it in the same regular systematic way, your body will start to throw out the stored toxins, and you may even lose weight as the body expels accumulated waste from the intestines.

This article is an excerpt from my book “The Winning Way to Quit Smoking”

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